* An experienced management team assist in setting up representative office or manufacturing facility
* A virtual purchasing office in China (Asia)
* We are the outsourced Materials/Purchasing Department in Asia to allow our clients to establish competitive advantages over their competitors at a lower cost outlay and expenditures
* Focus on core competencies
* Win back the loss business
* Avoidance of cost and resources to set up office in China
* Avoidance of assigning (more) expatriates and exorbitant cost
* Avoidance of dealing the confusing, nitty-gritty & compelling situations with suppliers
* Avoidance on dealing with the government officials
* Avoidance of extensive travels
* Direct and prompt monitoring on quality and corrective actions issues and activities at suppliers’ location
* Immediate feedback & follow up activities with suppliers on PO, delivery, engineering, samples, testing, etc
* Avoidance of their customers replacing them with manufacturers from Asia
* Upkeep their competitiveness by efficiently linking the supply chain in Asia with home country
* Upkeep their competitive leverage by staying close to their customers
* Provide impromptu or ever-changing deliveries
* Product development and readily testing and approval of parts
* Improvement plan from suppliers to enhance product reliability, performance and lower cost
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