There are abundant opportunities and resources in Asia, particularly in China and South East Asia. They are:

Direct materials (industrial parts)
Raw materials
Sub-assembly parts
Merchandized goods
Indirect Materials
Injection Moulds, Dies & Tooling
After market/service parts
Distribution & Retail
Financial & Marketing services
Food such as grains, meat, fruits, seafood, etc
Asia strategic advantages are: 

Lower labour costs
Large pool of well educated and young working force
Abundance natural resources
Large population of over 3 billion people with tremendous market potentials 
Continuous upgrading on high technologies

Opportunities in China:

Humongous domestic market for the super rich and immense population
A huge talented and hard-working pool of  workers
Favourable government policies to attract foreign investment fund
Incentives and preferential treatments from local governments
Huge and well established supply base
Superb infrastructure supporting operation and transportation
World class logistics facilities, network and management
Test centres to meet worldwide test standards and requirements
FTA agreement with ASEAN – an added huge market potential
Favourable incentives for energy saving and green projects 

Focused Areas:

Energy and Power 
Environmental Infrastructure 
Food and Beverage 
Luxury Goods
Merchandized Goods
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