We are a Singaporean-led company operating from Suzhou China providing supply chain and management services with our proven track records and expertise in setting up representative offices, manufacturing facilities, joint ventures and sourcing operations. We will facilitate the site surveys & selections, governmental engagement, application filing, identification of appropriate partners, negotiation, drafting of contracts and project management.

As a sourcing operation, vIPO aims to be a virtual international sourcing office for its clients and provide services and operations as though it is an integral part of their organization. This will help our clients to save on the massive cost of setting up similar operations in Asia on their own. We focus on acting on their behalf; protect their interests and work to achieve their goals and objectives.

Unlike a trading company or a consulting company, we focus on acting on your behalf; protect your interests and work to achieve your goals and objectives. The trading company creates a shield between the customers and the manufacturers as it is wary about direct contact between its customers and manufacturers. The actual cost of purchase is always hidden from the customers and the line of communication is usually long and arduous. In vIPO Asia, we enable our clients to deal directly with the manufacturers as we prefer the clients to visit and audit the manufacturing site, involve directly in the price negotiation and engineering test. We guide our clients through the intricate and compelling business processes to ensure success endeavour.

Our clients place the purchasing orders directly to the suppliers while we assist in expediting deliveries. Price re-negotiation is held periodically to ensure competitiveness and relevance. We will have our quality inspectors/engineers to be on site to ensure the right products are produced according to our client specifications and requirements. We can also conduct out-of-box audits and/or engage a third party inspection centre to perform pre-shipment inspection.

Similarly, we can conduct the periodic supplier performance tracking in accordance to client standards. This is to ensure consistent product reliability and quality. We want deserving good performers to be appropriately rewarded and stay away from non-performers.

We are your virtual office providing integrated supply chain services with the mission of being your long term partner in ensuring a successful endeavour in Asia.

Main activities

1.  Virtual sourcing office for overseas clients

2.  Assistance in setting up representative office, factory and distribution centre

3.  Full integrated supply chain and logistics service (4PL)

4.  Facilitator for joint-venture, new market entry and overseas venture
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