We specialize in:

* Setting up factories and representative offices
* Sourcing in Asia
* Plant audits, suppliers assessment process
* Price negotiation
* Testing, Part Approval Process
* Order fulfilment & expediting deliveries
* Logistics management
* Match-making of appropriate partners
* Distribution & Marketing

Our proven achievement:

* Good track record in great savings, improving inventory turns and devising efficient supply chain systems
* Experience in managing distribution network on active and passive electronic components in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia
* Expertise in setting up JV, representative offices and new factories

Started up and managed representative office in Shanghai and Shenzhen

Started up manufacturing plant in Suzhou EPZ

We can do a better job because:

* We are Asian and we have the astute knowledge on the culture, language, custom and business practices 
* Having 37 years of working experience with American companies will enable us to understand completely their expectations and goals
* We have 27 years of experience in supply chain management
* We work on-sites and monitor suppliers operation and performance 
* Astute understanding in “Guanxi” and business environment in Asia
* Proven leadership in forming high morale and effective teams
* Empathetic and analytical approach in resolving disputes and problems
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